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We pride ourselves on providing actuarial services that go above and beyond that of a traditional firm. Our clients appreciate the hands -on approach we take to any analysis. We view our customers as partners and therefore acknowledge the wealth of expertise each point of contact has regarding the organization to which they serve. CedarStone's actuaries take the time to first gain insight from our clients before even starting the analysis. 


This meeting happens before or right after your organization's fiscal year end. 

If you are a new client, we meet to discuss the history of the organization, goals, any questions after the review of the previous actuarial report, recent changes in business operations, and the timeline. 

If you are a returning client, we will discuss changes that happened since the last analysis, additional analyses, required and confirm the timeline. 

Kick Off Meeting


CedarStone performs the actuarial analysis discussed in the kick-off meeting. 

During this time, we make sure our clients are aware of progress via timely email updates. Any extraordinary findings will warrant a phone call or virtual meeting.  

Actuarial Analysis


After making any necessary adjustments, results will be finalized. CedarStone will provide a clear and concise written Actuarial Report that summarizes the results and details the assumptions, methodology, and reliances used. CedarStone will also provide Exhibits that support the final results. 

Final Results


CedarStone wants to maintain a working partnership with our clients. In an effort to continually work towards this, we provide an opportunity for a debrief meeting a month or two after the analysis. This space allows for discussions about how to improve the flow of the project in the future, changes to any analyses for next time, updates in key elements highlighted or tracked going forward, or other debriefing items. 

Debrief Meeting


We will request the data shortly after fiscal year or quarter end. Ideally, Excel format is preferred. Types of data items typically requested include: 

Loss information 

Exposure information (payroll, premium, car years, etc)

Reinsurance information including any retention, excess of loss limits, and Quota Share arrangements. 

Data Gathering


CedarStone will issue initial results. This ensures that information is understood correctly and provides ample opportunity for questions. We want to make sure we have captured the risk of your company appropriately and have provided all necessary documentations and outputs. We feel that this time helps to solidify the partnership we strive to maintain with our clients. Any feedback taken in during this meeting will drive changes for the final result.  

Results Draft


We realize that many of our clients need additional support that comes after the results are finalized. We are happy to assist in any way possible. This can look like a presentation to the Board of Directors, communicating with an audit team, interim analysis, or additional questions that come up post-analysis. 

Additional Support

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